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Richard (lil d) is a fashion tips blogger. A pretty popular one at that, however for every fan he has two haters. He’s also a fanboy of games and shows in his blogging group (Doctor Chu, Tales of Shiny).

However, outside of his blogging, he puts on his pretty boy face to greet the world, after lazing around in his pajamas a bit, only to be shy around girls his own age and consistly made fun of by a younger girl and her friends. No one know him for his blogging talents outside of the computer.

Now that the voices have come to tale him over, mock his pale skin, “trend setting” clothes, and partical body part’s size. He is forced into an adventure that he has no idea what he’s doing in or what is happening to him.

Even so, his online fans are hoping to pass him by on his adventure.

Dr. Zero, Doctor Chu (dont mind my musing)

  • It was only a matter of time before the 'voices' would catch the doctor's attention. He had to check this out for himself after noticing a whisper of it through the mutliverses. But, traveling through the mutliverses did trend to have some hiccups compared to the usual space and time. (Some he'd rather not think to deeply on). However, once he was on his way, there was no stopping him. Little did he suspect to come threw to the other side, quite small, fat and furry. Must certainly a female... But still not a ginger.

  • At least, it seemed like, the now her, target was found pretty quickly. A young lad, who's blond hair stood out awkwardly against his dark clothes. He was mutter something about 'Lil' d' and 'weed4l'... oh boy.

  • As the doctor tried to greet him, only a strange sound came from him. That was not right, the tardis was suppose to convert all languages. Where was the tardis anyways? The universal shift had seemed to cause some gap between landing at this here forest...

  • Before the doctor could ponder anymore, she was attacked the a small ball was thrown at her. As she was pulled in, she couldn't help but notice, it was bigger on the inside...

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